Every year for the corporate event, it’s the same old thing, empty cold room, small bar, long walks and minimal decor providing for an occasion soon forgotten. Now it’s your turn to plan the big corporate meeting or party! You want them all to remember the event and who provided such an incredible experience. Fantasy Farms is the ultimate destination for a reputation making corporate event. From catering, presentation set up, four meeting areas, dance floor and three bars, Fantasy Farm has everything to make this the best corporate happening your coworkers have ever experienced!

The meeting areas are fascinating, like nothing you have ever seen, decorated from floor to ceiling with American Memorabilia. The grounds include exotic animals and art of all kinds. Truly something for each and every member of the team. Our support services will make planning and delivering as easy for you as possible. Open year round, this is the ultimate destination for a holiday party, team meeting, presentations or vendor events. There is nothing like Fantasy Farms and we look forward to giving you all the credit for an experience second to none.

Bizarre, Wonderful, Amazing, Curious, Strange and Fantastic!

Fantasy Farms Corporate Events

A marvel of Americana, art, music, dance and fun, Roscoes is the heart of Fantasy Farms. Featuring spectacular, completely original decor, this room is ideal for elegant seated dinners with a twist, cocktail receptions, business meetings, wedding rehearsal or just about anything you can imagine! Casino nights, corporate events, luaus, family reunions, the list goes on ad infinitum! Roscoes’ features dinner seating, a cozy replace, dance floor, live band stage, full bar, kitchen, catering area and a complete DJ booth to keep the fun going all night long.

The Patio
Fun in the Outside World

Fantasy Farms Corporate Events

With wide open views overlooking natural habitats, The Patio brings the outside world into your party, offering experiences that let guests explore their surroundings, while staying connected to their event. It’s perfect for intimate seated dinners, dancing, and receptions. At the same time, the dynamic atmosphere lends itself perfectly to corporate events and presentations. The Patio also features a live band stage and a complete barbeque pit to satisfy the most discerning pit masters. Spaces are going quickly, so reserve your amazing event today!

The Reef
Your Meeting is Part of Nature

Fantasy Farms Corporate Events

Designed to give you the sense of being just one of the creatures among many making up life on the reef, this is smallest space in Fantasy Farms, but often the most intimate and fun. The casual setting is well-suited to small meetings, or a place for your guests to step away from your larger group event and gather around the island bar.

The Garage
A Vintage Space

Fantasy Farms Corporate Events

The Garage is ideal for seminars, lectures, presentations and dances. Adaptable to theater or cabaret-style seating arrangements, this flexible space can be customized to meet your needs. It features a classic garage ambiance with all of the space and key features to ensure a perfect meeting or party location.The Garage ensures that Fantasy Farm has literally something for everyone.

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